WASD to move | Space to jump | R to restart a level

This is a game about completing certain objectives as a human before you pass over as a ghost to complete other objectives that you could not have otherwise done as human.

Short game I made for Itch.io weekly game jam #76. Started 4 days late so I didn't get to add as much content as I wanted.


Duality-v1.01.zip 19 MB


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I like visuals a lot,  artstyle is very cute :) The idea is really neat! Would be nice to have some music :)

Good visuals and interesting gameplay. Still, it is easy when you don't die as a ghost. Could be better if when you died extra obstacles appeared.

The background music fits the game and the design is well thought.

It is a 3.5/5 for me :)

I had a play and it looks pretty cool but unfortuntaly it was unplayable on my Ryzen5 as the game suffered from so much stutter/lag.

If you have a look ata fix could you add full screen as well. Cheek :)


Yeah WebGL isn't exactly performant on some machines, sorry about that. I'll upload an executable shortly. :)